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Captiva Seas

Captiva Seas

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by Elizabeth Hildy

Oil on canvas

18 x 24

This one is heartbreaking because of Hurricane Ian. My stepsister, Allison, has a nana with a house on Pine Island, and we stayed there in 2019. Her mother’s (and nana’s) side have rented boats to go to “A Little Slice of Heaven” for years. I am not allowed to disclose the location of “A Little Slice of Heaven,” as we were sworn to secrecy, but it is near Captiva. We walked
the whole island, collected shells off the trees, saw manatees, a manta ray, and dolphins. It was so beautiful, and we had it to ourselves. Pine Island was incommunicado for a good while after Ian, and they are rebuilding now.

Captiva Seas, 18” x 24”, is oil on canvas. July 4, 2019, we saw this exact storm but at a great distance. My sister took the photo and gave me permission to paint it. That storm never reached us in the end, it just made drama, and our families still talk about that magical day.

Should you wish to adopt Captiva Seas, building True North Art Gallery in Colorado Springs with the funds from it is a great way to pay that slice of Heaven forward.

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