Sophia Hanna

Sophia Hanna, local artist and instructor, creates figurative oil paintings on large-scale, die cut wooden panels, watercolor paintings, and interactive installations. She often focuses on themes of body image, mental illness, growing pains, sexuality, and overall, people.

Sophia was born and raised in Colorado Springs, and grew up in the loving arms of the local art community. Her first gallery work debuted when she was only eleven in the Small Works show. Though she’s largely self taught, she has taken numerous local classes, including when she first learned to oil paint in 2017 at Bosky. She has since produced five solo shows and numerous pieces for group shows. Her most recent solo show, “I used to cover my mirrors”, themed around her experience with body dysmorphia, debuted at Auric Gallery in March 2023.

 She has now branched into teaching, and is coming up on two years as an instructor at the Bemis School of Art. Sophia also teaches at Bosky, leads paint and sips around town, offers private lessons to all ages, guest teaches set design at Coronado High School, and takes commissions. Currently, she is working to expand her overall body of work, preparing for a solo show in 2025 at Auric Gallery, and building her presence as an art instructor.

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