September 13, 2020

Colorado Springs’ arts leaders reflect on the local creative scene heading into Arts Month

Just a block west of Art 1eleven on East Bijou Street — itself a growing cultural strip — members at the new True North Art Gallery co-op are glowing with excitement.

“The focus is really on supporting the artist here so they can succeed on their own — working collectively as opposed to being in a void. We only do as well as everyone else in the room does,” says Jasmine Dillavou, a member artist. “We can show what we want; we can work collaboratively; we can host our own events here.” 

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May 18, 2023

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Skylar, Melissa, and Marisa discuss their art background, their love of Colorado Springs and its art community, how they all met and became friends, the seeds of the True North Art Gallery, the structure of the co-op, membership, their focus as a gallery and how they’re trying to stand out in the Colorado Springs art scene. They also dive into discussions around membership dues and responsibilities, what they’ve learned since opening, reception by the art community, a shout out to all the artists involved in the gallery, curation, short and long term goals, and what gives each of them hope. It's the full package.

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