Leah Gonzales

Leah Gonzales (b.1988) is an emerging visual artist working in a range of media including painting, sculpture, embroidery, animation, installation, and ceramics to further explore her identity as a queer woman of mixed heritage. Influenced by indigenous folk-art of the Southwest, ancient world art, pre-columbian art, Surrealism, and New Objectivity, she further incorporates personal motifs and symbols to create an allegory of her spiritual relationship to both nature and humanity.

Gonzales’ work has been exhibited primarily in the Los Angeles and New York region, and has won awards like Best in Show for her animation “In Loving Memory” (2016), as is a Grant Recipient from Cerf+ for her ceramic craft in 2021. Her work has been collected by collectors such as Milton Cohen of Baltimore, MD and Sandy Besser of Santa Fe, NM. Her largest installation to date was “Sauce Alley”, held in the catacombs of the Old Mint located in downtown San Francisco, CA, 2017.

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